Why Chef Ash Nicole Gave Up Meat – Part II

Why Chef Ash Nicole Gave Up Meat – Part II

Time has flown by so quickly, six whole months since I gave up meat! This has been a very challenging yet rewarding journey. A real test of my dedication and a great learning experience. As mentioned in part I of Why Chef Ash Nicole Gave Up Meat , I gave up meat cold turkey. I just made the decision to be healthier and didn’t ease my way into this meatless journey. The first three months were relatively easy for me. I was so turned off by meat that I would feel a little nauseous by the thought of it. I assumed the next three months would be the same. Boy was I wrong!

How I Felt Between Months 3-6

I don’t know if it was pressure from my peers making statements like “Oh you can afford to have a cheat day, don’t deprive yourself” or the fact that summer came and everywhere I turned there’s a BBQ or an event where meat is primarily on the menu. I found myself having the ultimate cravings for hot wings, ribs and a big juicy beef burger… OH MY!! So I really had to take a moment and gather my thoughts. Like everything else in life, you can accomplish anything by focusing on the mental aspect as opposed to the physical. Our minds are the most powerful tools that we, as humans have. I had to tap into changing my mental state and use that to stay on board with my goals.

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What did I do to stay on my righteous no meat path? I keep it colorful, fresh and load up on fresh wild caught fish, seafood, fresh fruits and veggies.

Here Are Some of My Tips:

These have helped me throughout my 6 month journey.

Perform Daily Affirmations: Just as our minds are very powerful, so are the words we speak. What you say to yourself sends signals to your brain to save these thoughts and to start believing them. The more something is repeated, the stronger the vibrations are to believe it and then, in turn, you will begin to do the very things that you have spoken. These are a few examples, but feel free to create your own affirmations which resonate with you.

Look yourself in the mirror and state out loud with conviction:

“My body is a temple, I will treat it as such.”

“I eat to be healthy and live a longer life.”

“Meat is not good for me.”

“ I AM STRONG, I will stay FOCUSED on my new lifestyle change.”

Repeating this daily for 5-10 minutes will work wonders. I also watched videos about how harmful the consumption of meat is for your body.

I watched videos about how harmful the consumption of meat is for your body. When you visually see the effects that meat consumption has on your health and body you are less likely to want to eat those things. Seeing also how animals are farm raised. The abuse these helpless animals endure. The unsanitary and unnatural environments that they are forced to live in. Let’s not forget the tons of harmful hormones and chemicals that are injected into livestock to “plump” the animals up and make them produce more. It’s been proven meat also causes cancer. 

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Here are a few videos I watched and caught my attention, just follow the links, the first one is of the late Dr. Sebi, Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World, and finally Scary Truth About Eating Meat! Dr Michael Klaper.

I create and cook meatless alternative dishes that satisfy my cravings. Some dishes include: Double Crunch Cauliflower Wings in Honey / Sriracha sauce, Salmon Burgers, Black Bean burgers, Fish tacos, Pan Seared Honey Bbq Tofu. Oh My Yum, I can’t wait to cook our next meal!

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Ultimately, this journey has been a great learning experience. I am still enjoying the benefits of my diet. My skin is glowing brighter than ever, I don’t often wear makeup, an extra bonus: I am loosing weight and feeling healthier. My energy is consistent and I feel good. I struggled through the battle but proud to have won the war!

I hope that you enjoyed my update of why I gave up meat on Why Chef Ash Nicole Gave Up Meat – Part II.

Please feel free to share your journey with us in the comment section below.

Note: Always keep in mind that these are opinions based on personal experience. This blog is not based on science or studies but solely on the personal experience of the author. Always consult your physician before trying anything new and do your own research.

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