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The buzz word nowadays seems to be ‘anti-aging.’ For starters, we don’t like to use this word as it is somewhat synonymous with immortality. Even with all the advancements in science and the health industry, we have a long way to go, if we ever crack the anti-aging code. We believe that you can use supplements for longevity.

Here is an article that tends to agree with us on the topic of anti-aging, it discusses what anti-aging is all about. We firmly believe that the term anti-aging should be used more sparingly and perhaps not at all. And prefer to use the word longevity! We find this word is more fitting for our times.


longevity noun
lon·​gev·​i·​ty | \ län-ˈje-və-tē, lȯn-\
Definition of longevity
1a: a long duration of individual life
The members of that family are noted for their longevity.
b: length of life
a study of longevity

Now that we got this out of the way, we would like to compile a list of the top supplements with regards to longevity. Again, there is no way to “anti-age,” yes, I just created a verb, but there is definitely a way to be proactive. And to maintain ourselves so that we can extend our life via longevity and give ourselves the best possible quality of life late into our golden years.

With that said, here is a list of supplements that have not only stood the test of time but have been researched, tested to the point of certainty. Of course, when we say they have been tested to the point of certainty, this is obviously limited to our current abilities such as knowledgebase, research limitations, equipment and resources available to us.

So without further ado, we will introduce to you the superheroes of our time.

Supplements for Longevity 


Resveratrol is the first on our longevity list of supplements. Now this compound has not always been a supplement. This isolated compound has been recently glorified as a super anti-aging – oops my bad – longevity and age-reversing compound.

Resveratrol is a component of the Japanese Knotweed. This plant has been used medicinally for over 2000 years. It has been sited in Ayurvedic, Japanese and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Its uses range from treating fungal infections, cardiovascular disease, GI disorders, diabetes and inflammation as a whole.

Many parts of this plant are known to be highly toxic, except the roots, which are highly medicinal and very effective for treating malaria, jaundice, diarrhea and headaches.

Resveratrol, as many may know, is abundant in red wine (not so much in white), as the skin is what contains this compound. It can also be found in blueberries, blackberries, mulberries and over seventy different kinds of plants. The problem with this compound is that it isn’t bioavailable and has a really short lifespan. Although this is the case, doesn’t mean it is not effective in little amounts.  

It has been purported to have a positive and regenerative effect on DNA, lowering free radicals, stem cell reactivations, anti-inflammatory properties, and glucose reducer. It is very beneficial for cardiovascular health as well as bone, dental and neurological, ovarian and eye health.

Now, as mentioned, the half-life and bioavailability of resveratrol are not exactly ideal, which requires large consumptions of food and wine to get the purported benefits. Well, resveratrol seems to have a cousin, which is very bioavailable and effective at mimicking the same benefits of resveratrol.

This compound is known as pterostilbene. Pterostilbene is known to have much better bioavailability and a longer half-life. This compound can be found in many plants and most of the berries mentioned above.

Known for its anti-fungal properties and skin protection from UV radiation, it is somewhat less able on the anti-inflammatory side, unlike resveratrol.

Both compounds appear to have no known side effects and are safe to take.

So here is our first longevity supplement that works as a super-duo. You can benefit from taking them both for a more balanced effect.

We recommend Purest Vantage Trans Resveratrol


Known as Haematococcus Pluvialis, this green single-celled algae is omnipresent in Europe, Africa, North America and India, found proliferating in small bodies of water. It has also been found in brackish waters on coasts, freshwater basins and fishponds.

It is known as a calming, soothing algae which is great for anyone with an inflamed or stressed out nervous system.

The many benefits this algae provides us with includes the promotion of cellular survival, anti-inflammatory effects, reduction of oxidative stress, scavenging of free radicals, trauma reversal and cellular damage repair.

This algae falls under the carotenoid family, which is simply a very colorful plant pigment. Some carotenes that range from yellow to orange, beta carotenes which are green to yellow, lutein which is yellow, zeaxanthin which is yellow and lycopene which makes tomatoes red. 

Astaxanthin is bright red and is responsible for the redness we see in crustaceans such as shrimp and lobster as well as flamingos.

To date, it is considered one of the more potent antioxidants and is far superior to vitamin E, 

 B–Carotene and vitamin C.

Lastly, we would like to mention the benefits of astaxanthin has towards eyesight and recovery from exercise.

We have found a few brands, but seem to benefit most from Sports Research (Triple Strength) and BioAstin 12mg Hawaiian You need to be careful when buying astaxanthin as much of it is farmed today in less than ideal conditions. Always look for organic and don’t be shy to ask the companies for the lab reports and quality control. 


NAD is naturally made in the body and begins with the amino acid tryptophan. Raw milk is also another great source of reasonable amounts of nicotinamide (60% straight Nicotinamide, 40% as Nicotinamide riboside), known as the two better forms of NAD.

Almost every cell in your body uses NAD to create energy and repair the body. This is like the fuel for most of your cells and is responsible for mitochondria health, longevity, cellular damage reversal, DNA repair and much more.

As we age, NAD decreases and causes havoc on the body.

Without going into much detail, the takeaway is that this compound is responsible for energy and without energy, our body will simply not perform at peak performance.

Look for Tru Niagen, but do not use for over 8 weeks. You should cycle this, as you should with all supplements, as they lose their efficacy over time.


This spice compound has been around for over 5000 years and was prevalent in the Vedic, Indian culture. Used in religious ceremonies and Ayurveda, it has been used almost exclusively as a panacea for every ailment and condition.

The history of this spice is no Hollywood Oscar-winning story but deserves some attention. Turmeric/curcumin was initially found in India over 5000 years ago, this is as far back as our current records show. Around 700 AD (give or take a few years – ha ha) it arrived in China and then East Africa by 800 AD. This spice was revered by Avicenna, a Persian Physician, in a famous medieval medical journal named “the Canon.” Avicenna was the most influential and knowledgeable physician at the time. In 1280, this spice was then smuggled into Europe by Marco Polo. George Luca, please contain yourself!

Indigenously, this root was prepared by first boiling or steaming it. Then it was placed in water and covered with leaves and cow dung, which would allow it to cure due to the ammonia found in the manure. But don’t worry, we have had some progress and no longer implement these technics. Nowadays, we simply boil the roots in alkaline water, and then let them dry – much easier and less repulsive we think!

Once processed, they become bright yellow and are generally referred to as Indian Saffron. On a side note – if turmeric gets exposed to acid, it will turn bright red. Surely this can be considered the first version of what we refer to as litmus paper today (PH strips).

As for the benefits, there is really not much this spice can’t do. From antioxidant to anti-inflammatory, to improved cognition, delays brain disease and possibly even a cancer fighter.

As with resveratrol, the only known issue is bioavailability. You really need to consume a lot of curcumin to reap its benefits.

Here are two highly bioavailable brands we use Renew ActivesSports Research and Metacurcumin by RevGenetics.

Please, note that apart from everything else this spice does, it is a very efficient blood thinner. So for those of you on thinners, please consult your physician.

Other known side effects are not present, and this supplement seems to be very well tolerated with no adverse effects.


Our next longevity superhero supplement is Carnosine.

This will be a quick one as there is not much this supplement cannot do. From slowing down the ageing process to eye health, athletic performance, accelerated wound healing, skin health and even activating and supporting your endogenous antioxidants like catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione s transferase to name a few.

Carnosine is mostly found in the muscle and the olfactory bulb (the area responsible for smell). There is a small 1% that is located in the brain.

Fun Fact: Whales and wallabies are known to have extremely high levels of carnosine.

Not so fun fact: Vegetarians have 20% less carnosine. 

Carnosine is manufactured in our muscle utilizing the enzyme carnosine synthase. It uses the amino acids alanine and histidine as its raw materials. These amino acids generally come from our diet and are found in animal products (apologies to our vegan and vegetarian readers). The highest amounts are found in chicken, turkey and tuna. Beef, pork, deer and rabbit contain these amino acids as well, but in lesser concentrations.

There is an old dictum that goes as follows,

“The Japanese love astaxanthin. The Indians love curcumin. The Russians love carnosine.”

Lastly, and I think most people will be happy about this. Carnosine seems to turn back the time on collagen breakdown. So for all of you worried about age spots and wrinkles, well carnosine appears to be a great solution to youthful skin and longevity.

There are many brands out there and usually not one is better than the other, but we use and have had great success with Pure Encapsulations L-Carnosine.


Our last and maybe more exciting longevity supplement is astragalus.

There are nearly 2000 astragalus plant species, but it has been found that two have medicinal properties and of those two, one is actually most beneficial.

Astragalus Radix Membranaceus is the winner!

This plant has been used for nearly 2000 years in ancient traditional Chinese medicine. Its sole purpose is a Qi strengthener. What this means is that it simply increase your life force. For those of you not familiar with Qi, please have a look at this link [2] for a crash course.

The only caveat here is that this supplement should not be taken if you have excess Qi. So if you are a ball of energy, think twice, for everyone else looking for a little extra boost, I think you are clear to go. 

We like Svasthya Body & Mind Astragalus and Gaia Herbs Astragalus.


So there you have it! These supplements will definitely help you stay healthy and younger longer, but they will not offer you immortality – at least not yet.

Please keep in mind that these are supplements and the definition of a supplement is something in addition to. The common misconception is that supplements can replace eating, but that is not the case.

In the end, these are just additions and not replacements. Otherwise, we would call them replacements and not supplements.

A nutrient-rich diet is essential

It goes without saying, but I will repeat it anyway, that the best way to increase longevity and quality of life is to be preventative and proactive.

“Prevention is the best medicine.”

We know that most of you are tired of hearing it, but for the sake of repetition, here goes.

Eat your fruits and vegetables, get adequate exercise, drink clean water, breath fresh air, limit your sedentary activities, get good sleep, try to focus on organic food and limit modified foods and sugars. Stay away from altered foods and try to eat them in their most natural state.

There you have it, hope this helps.

To your health and longevity!

Please note that all opinions here are strictly opinions and for informational purposes only. They are not to be used as a replacement for medical opinions and should not be used as the only metric for diagnosing any medical condition.

This page might contain affiliate links. In the event of a sale, we will be awarded a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

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