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How Structured Water Works and Benefits For Your Health

Structured water has been called everything from “miracle waters” to the “next big health trend”. You see, some people are using structured water in a variety of ways in order to achieve better health. Today you will learn how you can use structured water to benefit your long-term health naturally.

What is Water?

Water is a chemical compound that consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It is the most abundant substance in the world, making up about 70% of Earth’s surface. Water is essential to life and found in all living things. Water has an unusual property: it exists as a solid (ice), liquid (water) and gas (steam). All three states are made up of molecules with different arrangements of their atoms due to temperature and pressure changes, but all are considered water because they have the same ratio of hydrogen to oxygen: 1:8. However, a fourth phase of water has been found and that is what we call H3O2 (EZ water). The fourth phase of water, H 3 O 2 (hydroxide / hexagonal water) has healing power. Structured water may seem hard to understand, but it is simply. H 3 O 2, a state of water which can be called structured is extremely pure and accessible to the body for assimilation within our cells.

Water is the universal solvent.

Water is the universal solvent. The water you drink has a direct effect on how your internal organs work, how healthy or sick you feel, and how well your body responds to stress. Water is the transport molecule for all nutrients and waste products which are dissolved in it as it passes through your digestive system, kidneys and liver. Your blood transports oxygen and nutrients throughout your body through trillions of capillaries that branch out from arteries to reach every cell in your body. But what is it about water that makes it so special? Why does it have such an amazing property? When you think about it, water is just a simple molecule with two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Yet this simple combination has the ability to dissolve almost anything, from food coloring and salt to oils or even other chemicals! What gives? Why does water have this unique characteristic? It’s because of how its molecules are structured. The hydrogen atoms are positively charged and the oxygen atom is negatively charged; this polarity causes the molecules to bond with each other when they come into contact. This also creates dipoles (two charges) in each molecule—one negative charge in the center and one positive charge on either end—which allows them to attract more ions (electrically-charged particles). This property makes water able to dissolve so many different things!

What Is Structured Water?

  • Structured water is a type of water that has been structured by nature or by man-made processes.
  • Structured water is similar to the way water is found in nature, but it is not pure rainwater. In some cases, it may be treated in order to remove certain harmful chemicals.
  • It has several benefits when compared with regular tap or bottled water:
  • It can help prevent tooth decay and cavities due to its high pH levels (which help neutralize acids).
  • It fights against free radicals and prevents premature aging due to its antioxidants content.
  • The electrolytes in structured water are absorbed easily by our bodies, resulting in fewer cravings for sugar and caffeine!

Water molecule is attracted to other water molecules.

There is a natural attraction between water molecules. The reason why they stick together, and why they form droplets, is because they are polar molecules. The oxygen atom has a partial negative charge while the hydrogen atoms have partial positive charges. This means that when you put two water molecules together (H2O), one side will be attracted to another side and vice versa. Water sticks together because of this chemical bonding, but it’s not just static—it’s dynamic! Since electrons are constantly moving around in your body (and in everything else), there are always some negative charges here and there that can interact with these little magnetic attractions from other substances in the environment (including yourself). The same thing happens when you put more than one drop together: all those individual attractions become stronger as more drops come together due to their collective massiveness; therefore, their force of attraction increases!
Water Cluster
Water Cluster
Water clusters are smaller in size, have higher surface tension and are less stable than their structured counterparts. This means that they have a higher tendency to attract other molecules back into the cluster, making them more unstable and therefore difficult to separate from other compounds such as salt or dirt. Structured water, on the other hand, has greater stability, but lower surface tension and larger clusters. The water is more stable because of its negative charge. This charge allows the hydrogen bonds to form into tighter structures than regular tap water. When you drink structured water you are getting more energy from your food and drinks as well as vitamins and minerals.

Structured water clings to living tissue more than ordinary water due to its negative ionic charge (ORP).

Structured water is a type of ionized water that has been exposed to electrolysis, which creates negatively charged ions. This negative charge makes it more attracted to positively charged tissue in the body, such as blood and skin cells. These negatively charged ions help neutralize the positive charges on your body’s cells—and this may explain why structured water is so beneficial for you. If you have ever heard of grounding, well this is what structured water does. Structured water enters the cells faster and flushes toxins out of the cell more effectively due to a negative magnetic charge. You may have heard that structured water has a negative magnetic charge. This means that it is negatively charged, or is repelled by magnets. In fact, all types of water have some magnetic charge. If you were to put distilled water in an electric field, it would become negatively charged. Tap water can also be found to be more negative than distilled and bottled spring waters will be positive (this can be tested easily with an electroscope).

Structured water neutralizes free radicals, reduces acidity and helps restore an ideal alkaline balance in the body.

Structured water has a negative magnetic charge. When you consume structured water, it neutralizes free radicals in your body and reduces acidity. Structured water also has an alkalizing effect on your body, restoring an ideal alkaline balance in the body.

Keep hydrated with structured water!

It’s a common notion that drinking plenty of water is the key to health and wellness, but what if we told you there was an even better way? Structured water contains small clusters of hydrogen and oxygen molecules that are able to pass through cell walls more easily than ordinary H2O. Structured water has been shown to aid in detoxing the body, supporting cellular metabolism and improving overall health. It can be used as part of a weight loss program since it aids in weight loss by helping you feel full longer, which helps curb cravings for high-calorie junk food. Drinking structured water can also assist with sleep quality because it boosts melatonin levels in your brain—the hormone responsible for regulating your sleep cycle—while reducing anxiety levels.

Structured water has been verified to create a higher sense of well-being on every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The water helps you feel balanced, energized and revitalized by supporting your body’s natural healing processes when structured. The water enters the cells faster than other types of water which helps flush toxins out of them faster. This means that you feel better overall with fewer aches or pains in your body after drinking structured water for just a few days! Most people are not aware that structured water has a gel like feel. What most of us are accustomed to is very liquid, limp and dead water. This is the reason most of the population is chronically dehydrated. We are simply drinking so much water but the cells are not able to assimilate it and therefore they cannot absorb it. The gel-like texture of this water is similar to the plasma of the blood and thus is easily absorbed by our cells in order to make them more malleable and open.  This in turn allows the cells to breath properly and expel the toxic build up in our cells while simultaneously allowing for more space to intake what our cells need to repair and flourish. H3O2 water daily to improve your overall health. There are many advantages to drinking structured water, just like nature intended. So, if you are looking for a way to better your health and water is a part of that journey, structured water may be your answer. The best part is that it’s easy! You can use the above information and tools to start making changes in your life today. Structured water has been verified by many studies and medical professionals as being beneficial for many different ailments so why not give it a chance? You don’t know until you try!   Scientific Resources: (Dr. Gerald Pollack-The Fourth Phase of Water)

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My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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