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Give the Hurt to the Dirt – Body, Mind & Soul

Hurt… It sounds a lot like heart, doesn’t it? I believe that we share a connection from our heart to our environment. 

I believe that Earth is our great healer. This is what I mean by giving the ¨hurt¨ to the ¨dirt¨. I once heard my friends share a story of a time they buried themselves for several days in the Earth as an experiment and as a documentary.

My friend told me that after a day or so, he began to feel the Earth pulse underneath him. He rationalized that this was simply his heartbeat which was echoing back to him but then he began to count his heart beat and realized that it felt as though the Earth had a heart beat as well. 

The heart produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of the body. Emotions can encode and change the electromagnetic field radiated by the heart which can impact the environment which surrounds it. I believe that there is a synergistic cohesion between the Earth and us.  

My path has been one of learning a ¨sentient¨ or empathic communication between my nervous system and nature. It has been about learning how to effectively clear dis-ease from the body by connecting to Earth for physical, emotional and psychological healing.

We all know what it means to feel hurt. 

At some point or another, we all experience heartbreak and disappointment. It’s inevitably a part of the human experience. 

The question is, how do we effectively transform our trauma into power? 

My path has been one of transmutation. Transmutation is the process of alchemy where-in lead turned into gold. An Incan shaman once taught me of the “hoocha,” which translates to “that which returns to the earth, like liquid gold.” It is the process of honouring our density (heavy emotions+ sensations) and allowing the energy to be given like a gift to the earth. In physical reality, the earth transforms our dense matter into nutrients. This happens with the process of our physical bodily excrements. 

In society, we’ve been taught to shame our natural bodily functions. We eliminate fecal matter into bowls filled with water rather than working with our manure as humanure to feed our gardens. 


And we both glorify and shame sex. We are taught that a woman’s menstrual cycle is unacceptable to be shown. When we come to learn nature, we realize that all of our natural density not our manufactured pollution … can be transformed into nutrients.

The irony is that we are entrained to perceive that wasteful consumerism is acceptable while our innate wilderness is not. We’re taught that nudity is sexualized and used as a commodity of self-worth.

We are sold swimwear that leaks dyes and micro-pollutants into our waters as “sanitary” and yet fears our naked bodies. When density is left unprocessed, it accumulates and becomes more difficult to transform over time. The same goes for our emotions.

We store our “hurt” in our bodies.

How? Well, whenever the autonomic nervous becomes shocked into the sympathetic ( let’s call that shock/ trauma), the cognitive memory stores itself in the myofascial tissue

It is in the sudden contraction of the muscle that imprints the memory into our bodies. Over time this dis-ease begins to manifest into our physical bodies as illnesses and sickness.

Many of you might have heard of Louise Hay and her book, “Heal Your Body.” She is a prime example of a woman who healed her body through the power of her mind.

To many, this sounds ridiculous and esoteric, but much of what feeds disease is stress and stress corresponds to our autonomic nervous system, which directly interacts with the reticular activator and amygdala of the brain.

Our perceptions interpret experience in a myriad of ways. Our identification to our experience evokes sensations within our body.

This directly impacts our organs as our bodies respond to stress. Many of us attempt to escape stress by denying the density that we hold. We attempt to numb or distract ourselves from it.

I’ve learned that the key is to become at peace with it: to accept it, to shine the power of unconditional love onto it like a bright flashlight of painful illumination. It is in the illumination that we are granted the opportunity for transmutation, where the “hurt” is given to the “dirt.” 

On a scientific level, natural running water (such as waterfalls or ocean) emit a negative ionic charge which balances our positive ionic charge. It appears that nature is designed to be in synergy with us.

So the question remains:

How to give the hurt to the dirt?


1) Go to nature.

2) Rest and observe the mind

3) Enter a state of silence, solitude and sensation.

4) Tune in to your nervous system

5) Wherever there is tension or density, breath into it.

6) Imagine it moving out of your feet and into the earth.

7) Sometimes it helps to add some movement such as yoga, chi gong or to connect to a body of water in ceremony.

8) Change your diet to becoming healthier. This helps alleviate stress as 95% of the serotonin in our bodies created in the found in our bowels.

9) If there is a heavy topic in an interpersonal dynamic, consider holding a “clearing” or a tribal council so that there may be mediation.

10) Express yourself creatively through art and speak to others who have gone through similar experiences. We bond through our common traumas. Ever feel like you are having a shii**y day, and then you meet someone else who is also having one, and suddenly you find yourself laughing? This is the power of bonding through density.

To clarify:

I believe that while cultivating a strong mind and awareness plays a huge part in the quality of our choices,

It takes a holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) on the path of a peaceful warrior. 

By learning to make peace with our self-hatred, we can learn the importance of self-love and can come to learn true love. 

When we honour our density as equal to our light, we can come to know equanimity.

May we…

Let go of the grip of control and learn a truer discipline.

Find peace within the solace of observation.

Learn to connect with our environment through our embodied interaction.

Give our hurt…to the dirt.


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