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Flu Remedies That Boost Immunity and Speed Recovery

Flu Remedies That Boost Immunity and Speed Recovery

Nowadays we are all looking for some out of the box flu remedies that boost immunity and speed recovery time.

We are all busy and rarely have time to think outside the box and look for the easiest solution to get better sooner. Let’s take a look at some flu remedies that will boost immunity and speed up recovery times below.

Flu Remedies That Boost Immunity and Speed Recovery:

Avoid Sugar

Most sugars, specifically refined sugars, are detrimental to the immune system and have a tendency of feeding the harmful bacteria in your body, which are usually the reasons for a compromised immunity. If you absolutely have to satisfy your sweet tooth, try to opt for sugars that do not affect your blood sugar level too much.

Two good alternatives to sugar are Stevia and coconut sugar sweeteners, these do not have an impact on your immune system. These two sweeteners do not feed the bad guys responsible for your compromised immune system – harmful viruses, bacteria, and microbes.

Modified Citrus Pectin

Modified Citrus Pectic is a  solution derived from the white pith of citrus peels. It is then modified for better bioavailability and absorption has been shown to boost the immune system, particularly a natural killer (NK) cells.

Modified citrus pectin is well known for controlling inflammation, tending to fibrosis and may have some effects on quelling excess galexctin-3, which is responsible for cancer formation. This powerful alternative comes with the added bonus of acting as a chelator to help with the removal of heavy metals.

Medicinal Mushrooms

There are many species of mushrooms out there, here is a list of medicinal mushrooms found to be beneficial:






Mushrooms are very high in beta-glucans, which are powerful compounds known to protect, detoxify and keep the immune system running efficiently. They are incredibly powerful antioxidants and can be considered adaptogens. They have innate intelligence and the ability to give the body what it needs to function optimally.


There are hundreds of species of beneficial bacteria that reside in the digestive tract, assisting digestion, boosting nutrient assimilation and protecting against harmful microbes. Now, researchers are learning more about the direct relationship between probiotic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and various aspects of the immune system.

Studies show that probiotic bacteria can increase T cells, a critical class of immune responders. Other studies show that the probiotic strain Bacillus Coagulans can increase immune responses to flu viruses, even swine flu.

Find a comprehensive formula and follow dosage instructions, which can be increased during active flu symptoms.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil seems to be somewhat of a buzz word today. Everyone is talking about coconut oil and all that it can do. The truth is, “it really is that versatile.” “How does it help with the flu?” Lauric acid is a healthy fat that is found in this oil which provides antiviral properties. Lauric acid has been shown to stop the replication and proliferation of viruses, which in effect slows down the spread of the infection.

In addition to having antiviral properties, coconut oil contains great nutritional properties for overall health. So don’t be afraid to have a spoon or two in your tea, coffee, soup or salad dressing.

Flu Remedies That Boost Immunity and Speed Recovery


We all know the benefits of music. Everyone has experienced that mood boost when your favourite jam starts playing. So when you’re feeling down or blue, slap on your favourite playlist or play some classical music, it has been shown to reduce stress.

Use this time to sit back, relax and do some beneficial deep breathing.


There is no better option than the sun. We all know that without sun, nothing can survive – including us. We all need at least 15-20 minutes of full sun exposure daily, depending on skin pigment of course.

If you live in areas with high overcast or winter months, a vitamin D supplement is warranted. There are many options of vitamin D out there, make sure to do your research before making your purchase.

It is recommended that when using vitamin D, you should also simultaneously take vitamin k2 and magnesium to get beneficial effects.


Just laugh more! This is a simple one and can be done anywhere. Play a funny movie, watch some comedy, it doesn’t matter. Do what makes you happy and most of all makes you laugh. Studies have shown that laughter is a great immune booster and has an enhancing effect on natural killer (NK) cells.

The above-mentioned remedies are certainly very affective, but surely not the only flu remedies that boost immunity and speed recovery.  We can list several others such as herbal teas, warm liquids, oregano oil, bone broth, sound sleep, mediation, echinacea and so on.  These are the go to flu remedies we suggest and advocate.

We would love to hear what your go to remedies are during flu season, please share them below.


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