Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Cleansing at the first signs of Spring brings us a lot of opportunities.
We are in direct connection with nature, and by honouring the seasonal cycles of life, our bodies naturally transition as does the ‘outside’ world. After having been in ‘hibernation’ mode during the cold months, an Ayurvedic Spring cleanse allows your body to melt away fat and release toxins from the extra winter protection layers. Resetting fat metabolism benefits mental clarity, immune system and emotional balance. We aim to fill our body with life force / Prana, which allows us to feel and emit true confidence.

Purpose of An Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Helps support and eliminate of toxins 

Relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind

Increases energy and vitality

Supports healthy weight management

Promotes optimal health and well-being

Helps to reestablish one’s natural state of balance

Setting the stage 

As you prepare for a Spring cleanse, start considering what isn’t working in your life. What continually tugs at you? What challenges present themselves to you over and over again? What are they trying to teach you?

 These questions are not to bum you out, but to help you go inside… and sense what needs transformation. The Spring cleanse is powerful! True transformation is experienced following the 12 days and continues for weeks, not to say months. The more we get clear about what needs to go, the simpler and easier the process.

Connecting with our breath, simply!

Oxygen is the body’s number one nutritive requirement. If you can breathe with awareness, you can change your life!

Why? Because if you can oxygenate your cells, you can change your internal chemistry to one that supports health. 

Health happens at the cellular level, and your cells cannot do their jobs correctly without enough oxygen.

The first step to a successful Spring cleanse is correct breathing. Deep, nourishing, relaxing full breathing helps your body get in sync with the cycles of nature because when we breathe well, we connect to the flow of life. When out of sync with nature, the body experiences stress. Stress affects digestion, which in turn affects lymphatic drainage.

Committing to a 12 day Spring Cleanse?


The end of winter launches a big invitation to partner with your body and reset your metabolism for the warmer months. Once you commit and live this 12-day blissful experience, you (and your body) will crave this yearly ritual. If you move in concert with nature, then your body will be ready to bloom in Spring and let go of the toxins that could affect your emotions, mental clarity, and immune system. We aim to fill our body with life force / Prana, which allows us to feel and emit real confidence.

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse


This Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse, the oldest continuously practiced healthcare system in the world, uses food, movement and breathing techniques to help your body reset from the winter and prepare for the summer.


If you would like to join our group of Spring Cleansers, please contact Ann Michele. The Cleanse is a 12-day duration, which is divided into 3 blocks of 4 days, strategically scheduled for optimal benefits.

A pre-cleanse meeting is held where all information is shared for your success in this vital commitment to yourself! 


Contact Ann Michele / AYURVEDAmb Wellness Centre

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