Simone Warren

Simone Warren is a native Jamaican who has discovered her love of travel on her return home in January 2014. She focuses on luxury, high-levels of customer service, and most importantly giving back to the communities she visits. She also loves celebrating people and strives to bring out the best in them through motivation, self-love and self-care. Those traits are evident as she is a fitness coach who strongly believes in the impact of growing food naturally, using organic products such as all-natural skin and hair care, along with other natural beauty products. Combining all of her passions, she is the founder of Ruri Blue Destinations – a travel advisory that strongly embraces and promotes tourism suppliers that are actively sustainable. While booking once-in-a-lifetime experiences for her clients, she is reminding them to embrace the local culture, feel a sense of rejuvenation, and return from vacation inspired!

Life Inspired by Nature