Natalia Wilhelm

Natalia is a health-coach, model,yogi, singer , artist and writer. Her experience as an international nomad and wandering yogi has activated her to focus on creating content which directs both awareness and funds towards sustainable ecological and humanitarian efforts. As an eco-revolutionary and muse , she aspires to sow seeds of awakening within the collective. Her target is in inspiring self-realization and self-actualization through her content. Her aim is to create a bridge from the spiritual to the practical (and vice versa). After studying and practicing yoga, pranayama, mudras, pathworking, herbalism and various forms of holistic nutrition; she has acquired a skill set that assists others in actualizing their optimal embodied potential. Her connection to permaculture and sound healing have also been helpful to those seeking to connect deeper with the wild : ' Awakening the wild, in us'. To read more about her life journey, please visit:

Life Inspired by Nature