We are Mary & Johnny, our journey began many years ago due to life's circumstances. Our experiences have inspired us to educate ourselves and seek alternatives to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 


This journey is the culmination of many years, which has made us realize the importance of health and wellness. Our realization inspires us to share and build a community with open-minded individuals looking to better themselves and the world as a whole.


We are a couple who continues to strive for a better lifestyle. We research, embody and educate through sharing our knowledge and journey with those open enough to see that our world and society are not headed in the right direction. In a world flooded with diseases, pollution, and adulterated resources, our goal is to create a global community of open-minded people looking to better their lives.


We have all been affected by an illness, loss of a loved one or some form of affliction. The time is now for change, and it starts with each and everyone one of us as a collective.


We will feature brands, products, services, and ideas that are dedicated to social good and how to make a difference. All changes have to start with us, be it in our homes, the way we eat or the way we treat our planet. We believe that consumers are capable of driving significant social change through their everyday purchases by voting with their dollars and lifestyle choices. We are enthusiastic, conscious and care deeply about people to make a difference for present and future generations.


All of the products and information shared have been exclusively selected and tested by us. We only offer and share what we know has benefited us and stood the test of time.


We invite you to participate in our journey as we endeavour to CREATE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE those who choose to live a Life Inspired by Nature.

Life Inspired by Nature